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Alarm by Paging
The Model 1512 SentriDial is an automatic dialer that dials
telephone numbers in response to an alarm and plays a
recorded voice message when the phone is answered. It can
also send DTMF digits and TAP messages when a paging system
or other controller answers the line. Up to 80 seconds of voice
messages are recorded in the user’s voice and can be changed
at any time.

                Product FEATURES and CONFIGURATION

  • 12 alarm inputs
  • 8 on/off status inputs
  • Connect to 4 forward or
  • 2 bi-directional power sensors
  • 4 analog voltage level inputs
  • Dials up to 10 numbers per alarm input
  • Stores up to 30 user-recorded voice messages
  • 4 relays for remote control from the telephone  
Voice Alarm via Radio or PA
SentriVoice is an economical wireless voice alarm reporter.
SentriVoice monitors contact inputs and when an alarm
condition is sensed, transmits voice messages or pages over
the radio or public address system.

Users can respond to alarms via radio to control lights, pumps,
doors, and other control equipment via integrated output


  • Economical on-site voice alarming
  • Eight alarm inputs:
  • Normally Open,
  • Normally Closed or
  • Momentary
  • Up to 80 seconds of recorded voice
  • Automatic “All’s Well” message
Alarming by Radio or PA
SentriVoice+ provides a turnkey industrial solution for
automatic voice and page alarming via radio or PA systems. It
can be added to existing fire alarm and warning systems. Users
can respond to alarms via handheld radios to control remote
equipment or processes.

SentriVoice+ is housed in a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure and
comes equipped with a power supply, battery and charger.


  • NEMA case with 7 amp-hour battery
  • Standard 40 seconds voice storage and 2-tone paging
  • Broadcast voice, tone, or alphanumeric messages
  • Replaces Motorola VR100 VoiceReporter  
Alarm via Cellphone and Radio
SentriMax is a powerful, industrial autodialer and wireless
alarm annunciator. The Model 1550 connects directly to a
radio and phone line and monitors/controls remote processes,
sites and operations. Alarm messages are sent by text page or
natural recorded voice over phone or radio.

Users can phone or radio the SentriMax to remote control local
processes or conditions. Prerecorded messages allow the
SentriMax to report analog values such as temperature,
pressure, flow, etc. Built-in voice mailbox provides voice mail
for users.

           Product FEATURES and CONFIGURATION
  • Voice alarms via radio and phone line
  • Automatic wide-area tone, voice, and alphanumeric
    paging activated by alarms
  • Panic button
  • LCD display and status keypad
  • Up to 72 inputs or outputs
  • Up to 4 minutes of voice storage
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Accumulator and pulse counting inputs
  • Listen to remote site via phone or radio
  • Optional real-time clock and printer output
  • Annunciates analog values, such as temperature
  • Mobile radios mount inside case
  • NEMA 4 enclosure, power supply and backup
  • Easy to use voice prompts