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XL-200P Two Way Portable Radio

Designed with input from Public Safety pros, the
Harris XL-200P is the smallest full-spectrum,
LTE-capable radio on the market. Merging high-
speed data with robust LMR voice, it provides
leading-edge connectivity across both
broadband and 700/800 MHz, VHF and UHF-H
bands. Tough enough to exceed IP68 and MIL-
STD-810G standards, the XL-200P is also
feature rich, with A-B-C-D switching, 1.5 watt
dual-speaker audio, front and top LCD displays
and a lightweight, ergonomically contoured
shape. And its 10-hour battery life keeps those
features available to you longer.
Talk to everyone you need to—and no one you

You’re ready for anything; shouldn’t your radio
be, too? Full-spectrum, multiband radio
operates in single, dual, or all-band operation:
VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, and 800 MHz.

Loud, clear audio

The most powerful audio amplifier in the industry
drives a custom two-speaker woofer and tweeter
design for clear audio you can hear in real-world
environments. Audio amplifier 1.5-watt rated; 4-
watt max.

Stay connected

Because emergencies don’t stop for an update,
GPS, Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi come standard.
Whether you wish to update wirelessly or turn
your radio into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, the XL-
200P lets you work without interruption so you
can focus on what’s important.
Download the XL200P Brochure